June 2001: Reconstruction of Dongying Dingli Food Co., Ltd.
July 12, 2001: nine founders, including Liu Jishan, Zhang Liguo and Bian Xigui, set up Dongying Wandefu Plant Protein Technology Co., Ltd., and elected the company's board of directors and leadership.
July 25, 2001: Dongying Wandefu Plant Protein Technology Co., Ltd., was incorporated, located in187 Lihe Road, Kenli County with the registered capital of 100000 yuan.
March 27, 2002: the soybean products, soy protein products and by-products of Wandefu enjoyed the independent export right, and the raw and auxiliary materials, machinery and equipment, devices, instruments and parts required for the production and scientific research enjoyed the independent import right.
April 12, 2002: soybean low temperature soy flour, soy isolate protein and refined soybean oil passed the ISO9000: 2000 quality system certification.
March 8, 2003: started building the new production line of soy-isolated protein (3000 tons/year).
April 25, 2003: 6 leaders including then-Deputy Director of Dongying City People's Congress Standing Committee, Yang Zhiliang, visited Wandefu accompanied by the secretary Han Kuixiang, accompanied by County Party Secretary, Han Kuixiang, and County Chief, Chen Zepu, and visited the pectin, heavy-metal sewage treatment agent and oligosaccharides, etc., made from soybean hulls.
August 20, 2003: successful trial run of the production line of soy-isolate protein (3000 tons/year).
August 22, 2003: Wandefu expropriated the national land in the north of Shengxing Road Kenli Development Zone and east of Shengli Road to construct the projects of soybean hull pectin, soybean protein, functional protein concentrate and soybean dietary fiber.
August 28, 2003: Wandefu was identified as the high-tech enterprise by Shandong Province Science and Technology Agency.
September 15, 2003: Wandefu registered and established Wandexin Food Co., Ltd., with the registered capital of 1.8 million yuan mainly engaged in the slaughter and processing of beef cattle.
November 22, 2003: Shandong Wandexin International Trade Co., Ltd., was incorporated.
March 5, 2004: started building the production line of soy-isolated protein (5000 tons/year).
March 22, 2004: Wandefu products passed the HACCP food safety management system certification.
August 24, 2004: Shandong MEIJIKE Health Products Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary, was incorporated with the registered capital of 3 million yuan.
September 14, 2004: the project of isolated protein (5000 tons / year) was successfully completed and put into operation.
November 18, 2004: started building the low temperature soy flour workshop (100000 tons / year).
April 7, 2005: upon the approval of Shandong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, Dongying Wandefu Plant Protein Technology Co., Ltd. Was renamed Shandong Wonderful Biotech Co.,Ltd.
April 28, 2005: then-Municipal Party Secretary, Shi Jun, accompanied by the County Party Secretary, Chen Zepu, and County Chief, Wang Xiuhua, visited the construction site of Group, the Chairman and General Manager, Liu Jishan, briefly reported the project progress, and the Municipal Party Secretary, Shi Jun, highly praised it.
June 7, 2005: upon the approval of Shandong Province Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Shandong Wandefu Industrial Group was established.
April 18, 2006: upon the approval of Shandong Science and Technology Agency LKHZ [2006] No.83 document: it was agreed to set up Shandong Soybean Deep Processing Engineering Technology Research Center.
March 14, 2007: Dongying Fukede Bio-organic Fertilizer Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, was incorporated with the registered capital of 2 million yuan mainly engaged in the organic fertilizer production, processing and sales.
August 22, 2007: participated in the establishment of Jilin Fengzheng Soybean Co., Ltd. with the registered capital of 52 million yuan mainly engaged in soybean processing.
March 15, 2008: hired the experts and professors in Shanghai Jiaotong University for MBA knowledge training to further improve the comprehensive management quality and leadership of managers and lay a solid foundation for the future development of Group.
March 18, 2009: 8 leaders including the Vice Governor of Liaoning Province, Chen Haibo, accompanied by Deputy Director-general of Shandong Agriculture Department, Feng Jikang, Vice Municipal Mayor, Lv Xueping, and Hanli County Chief, Han Lijun, visited the group, and the Chairman, Liu Jishan, introduced the development history and the main products of the enterprise.
October 19, 2009: the fifth protein workshop of the group was put into production, marking the fully automated protein production line with the production capacity of 10000 tons/year.